The king

When Nick and I were dating we slept in a double bed. We slept with our arms around each other and our legs intertwined. He snored in my face… And I didn’t mind. His alarm would go off (Alexis on Fire… Loud and obnoxious) and I still didn’t mind. Ahhhh young love!

When we moved in together we had a queen, livin large! But we still slept like honeymooners… But with our new pup Oliver. He was usually on our feet or on my head.

When I was pregnant with the twins, in our new house, we had the queen, Oliver annnnd now Charlie. One big happy family. With dogs all around us we still managed to at least have our legs touching.

And then, one day, we got a king! The biggest bed I had ever seen. We kicked the dogs out and both slept like starfish in the night! When nick was at work the babies would sleep on his side and I would be on mine and there was tons of room and no worry of them rolling off!

With Mason, however, he slept with is for the first 7 months or so and the bed seemed to get smaller. Even with his own room there aways seemed to be a kid, or two, sometimes three in our bed… Much smaller king now. Nick used to complain about the boys coming into our bed at night, but I knew it wouldn’t be for long, sadly.

Enter Nixon. When I was pregnant there was always kids in our bed, one, two or three of them. Me and my belly would teeter on the edge just to have a cuddle with my ever growing boys. They’d fight over who got to sleep beside mommy (awwww) Going on ten months and Nixon is still in our bed (which I’m ok with) the older boys still pop in from time to time but my giant king size bed isn’t as big as it used to be! But if it means boy snuggles… I’m not complaining. My babes are growing up way to fast to worry about a good night’s sleep!

From the mouths of babes

I asked my boys a few questions…the answers actually went over better than expected!

  • #1 Phoenix – 6 years old
  • #2 Declan – 6 years old
  • #3 Mason – 4 years old

What’s my name?

  • Julie
  • Mommy, Julie
  • Julie

What’s my job?

  • To feed (#4)
  • Making cars
  • Building cars

What’s your favourite thing about Mommy?

  • That you got me a baby brother
  • That you help me with some stuff
  • That you let us have electronic time

What is Mommy bad at?

  • Letting me on your computer
  • Getting stuff I cannot reach
  • Yelling

Why does Mommy yell?

  • Because we be bad. Thats obviously. Same with Daddy
  • Because we be bad
  • Because we make you mad

Why do you love Mommy?

  • Because you gave me a baby brother
  • Because you do good stuff for us
  • Because you like me

What’s your favourite thing to do with Mommy?

  • Make crafts
  • Hang out and watch a movie
  • Play the penguin game


Left to right: Mason, Declan & Phoenix