Twins! Pt one

There is not one single word that describes what it is like to find out you are having twins. One of the only times in my life when I was speechless. Let me also say, there are no twins in my family or Nick’s. There was no reason to even think we would have twins…except maybe the 16 pound weight gain in the first 8 weeks…Which my mom joked about after a dr appt….

I was laying on a bed at my very first ultrasound. I was 27 and only a few months into our marriage. I had no idea what to expect but I felt like it was taking a while. I asked the ultrasound technician if everything was ok. (Expecting the worst, because that’s what I do) Without batting an eyelash, or even looking up from the screen, she said “yup! Everything is good, It just takes a little longer when there is two”

Ahhhh when there’s two what?! “Babies!” She said then carried on like I knew.

She then made me sit there and swallow hard and breath and try not to pass out until she was done. When she finally went to get Nick I had no words, I couldn’t talk! I just stared at him smiling a nervous happy scared smile…I finally managed to squeak out “there’s two” Of course he was just as confused as I was and needed it explained to him.

The hours that followed were a series of giggles, swear words, head shaking, smiles and just pure shock. We went straight to Chapters and bought all thier twin books.

For months until they came I was scared and happy on a daily basis. How in the heck was I going to take care of two babies at the. same. time. A constant feeling of anxiety and joy, nausea and glee!

And then one day, after making a freezer full of food with my mom (nesting), I was alone in the house because Mom had left to drive over an hour home….I had a pain…then another…and another…I called my mom to ask what contractions felt like which only made her panic and me too. So I called Nick home from work and he came to get me and off to the hospital! 6 weeks and 5 days before their due date!
The Dr’s told me it wasn’t contractions, but probably kidney stones and they were going to keep me until it passed. I was drugged up on morphine every 4 hours for 5 days until one day…May 3rd….I was lying in bed, dozing in and out of consciousness with nick beside me playing on his phone and it happened…

5 tips to easier Momming!

If I could give 5 tips to help do your best Momming it would be these; Simple yet effective. Keep your sanity ladies, you’re gonna need it!

#1: A hands free pumping bra: I did not own one of these until number four came along and man it is a life changer! My life could have been so much easier had I bought one sooner! We are full on milking over here now! Liquid gold for dayyyyys!


#2: Sleep nursing: Now I did this with number two as well but I am still constantly telling new moms how to do this. I sat up in bed nursing number four for a couple weeks, watching my husband sleep soundly. (Actually snoring his face off) Pretty much until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. One night I literally fell asleep nursing sitting up and I decided enough was enough. I laid down and tucked him in ever so perfectly and while I semi slept (a little more than not sleeping at all) he nursed and dreamt of a never-ending milk supply! It was a win win for all. Obviously this is a comfort thing too, so if you aren’t comfortable don’t do it.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video in case you have no idea what I am talking about

#3: Whiteboards: I’ve mentioned my whiteboards, my lists and my random signs everywhere. As a family of six we need all the help we can get! Whiteboards are easy to change and grow as the tasks do. Ours change weekly with our rotating chores for the kids and we have one for daily reminders as well.


#4: Straws: Yes straws! Your regular drinking straw cut into three different sizes. Tuck those three pieces away for quick and easy deciding! Who’s having a shower first? Draw straws! Who’s going with Daddy? Draw straws! Who’s turn to pick the movie? Draw straws! Easy Peasy! You cant get mad a the straws now can you?! (Actually they can, and will but drawing straws still works wonderfully and it doesn’t make you the bad guy because they picked, not you! )

Deciding straws!

#5: Storage! Bins, boxes & hooks: Its basically like the old ‘sweep it under the rug’ trick… except it looks better. You can take clutter and mess and throw it into cute bins, boxes or buckets and it looks great! Cute little hooks put all those superhero capes on display and leave room in the bins for all the other stuff! Anything that gives us more space to put stuff is a win. We have a small house with a lot of people in it! I have to say the best purchase I made was my Ikea storage shelves!


This is a before and after of the boys toy room. You can see all the organizational bins and boxes I have to put stuff away (hide stuff) in.

All hail the mom bun and the Snapchat filter!

My Snapchat picture folder has more pictures in it than my camera folder. I paid money to buy a filter that made me look flawless…and I do not regret it lol What an invention that is! I can look like hell warmed over…throw on a Snapchat filter and I have perfect lashes, flawless skin and fire engine red lips! No one would know that you haven’t showered in days….in less of course you had to leave the house…or if that friggen filter comes off because you moved wrong! Ughhh the worst!

My mom bun…or top knot as the cool kids call it, is so bad its good! Isn’t there a saying about that…the higher the hair, the closer to God? I feel like I heard that on a reality show once…

I get out of bed in the morning and throw on my uniform. Top knot, thick framed glasses, tights, scarf, sweater and boots! Nailed it! I have one thousand scarves, 10 pairs of boots, 100 baggy sweaters and 7 pairs of sunglasses to hide my ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look for my two-minute drive to drop my kids off at school in the morning.

I have a makeup routine down pat. I have the ability to be ready in 10 minutes if I have to. Whoever made dry shampoo, full coverage foundation and eyelash extensions was a mom, and my hero!

All women should be confident in their own skin, just because I throw on a Snapchat filter or do my eyebrows before I go out doesn’t mean otherwise. I’m just sayin, who doesn’t love a little sparkle on an already gorgeous day 😉


Breastfeeding Journey (s)

I’ll never pretend to be perfect and I don’t know it all. I’ve had a heck of a journey with all four kids in the first year and definitely different experiences with them all too.

#1 & #2:

My twins were born at 34 weeks. They were a tad early and needed help learning to suck and swallow. So they were fed via feeding tubes. We had just become parents for the first time, to two babies, and they were early. Good times. Hubby and I had watched videos on YouTube on how to tandem breast-feed. We got a great big nursing pillow and all the books too. Then they told me to pump. What? What wasn’t in my book? I don’t know how to pump? Because the twins were in the NICU they wouldn’t let me breast feed…I’m guessing that was their reason anyway. I was at the hospital for 5 days after they were born. I had had one vaginal and one via C-section so I was a bit of a wreck. Every 2 hours I had to pump, and hubby had to help me (even though he wanted to sleep). And I pumped and cried and pumped and cried. I didn’t know what I was doing and no book I read had prepared me. Nurses weren’t helping me breast-feed or making sure I was pumping correctly and I was too scared to ask. So I pumped. I pumped round the clock and even after I went home (and they didn’t) I kept pumping and bringing my milk in every day to the hospital. It was awful but I knew it was the best for them. They came home 21 days after birth and I continued to pump, then pump and give formula (because I ‘thought’ my supply was depleting) then at four months we went to straight formula. Looking back now…I’m upset with myself that I didn’t fight for my babies or myself. I’m upset no one helped me or taught me how to pump properly to keep my supply up and I’m upset with myself that I gave up so early. I still think about it a lot. They are healthy growing boys but I have my own regrets.


He latched right out the gate! Hungry, happy and healthy! All went well until it didn’t. One day he forgot what he was doing right in the middle of days of cluster feeding and things went down hill. I was sore and tired and he was starving (not literally) I went to a mom group and the lady that ran it helped me. Told me what to do and what to buy and I did it all. She fixed him and me! I will forever be grateful to her. She wouldn’t know me from a hole in the ground but if it weren’t for her, I would have quit. She gave me knowledge and confidence to keep going and it meant the world to me. We went just over eleven months, I was sad the day I quit and for weeks after. My job was the only reason I had to stop or I would have continued for who knows how long!

Me with #3! I didn’t take hardly any pics with him breastfeeding until the end With #4 i have a phone full of them! Im so proud of myself!


My perfect little angel baby lol this kid was the golden boy the first couple days. Nurses, dr’s, even the lady collecting garbage’s at night could not believe how great he was or how well we were both doing…and then someone flicked the switch. Someone had enough of this perfection and shit went bad lol we had cluster feedings that would take down the strongest of women, clogged ducts, milk blisters, thrush…I couldn’t win. And I couldn’t fix it! I had four kids; I was supposed to know what the hell I was doing! I did not. So I began to reach out, to put aside my pride and ask for help. For some reason there was no one around? No one could help. Every number I called passed me off to someone else, every person I talked to didn’t know how to fix it or who else to call. I tried everyone, even my trusted ‘hero’ from baby #3. She was away that day and her employee passed me off of someone who wanted to charge me $75 to look at me! I had no money, I was on mat leave for God sake! My heart was broken and I was failing. My husband was at a loss and watched me cry in frustration every night, helpless. Until one day, an angel! The most perfect nurse from the health unit called me back. The talked me off the ledge (not literally) for an hour. Gave me tips and tricks and told me what to go buy. A weight was lifted off my shoulders! I ran out and bought everything and came home and did everything! The next day she was at my house checking on me and calling me and texting me and stopping in again! Would it have been weird to hug her? Because I wanted to lol She brought me back to life. I don’t think I ever really told her that.


There is something about failing that makes moms unable to ask for help. I made the jokes about having 4 kids and not knowing what to do before anyone else could. Still do. We are back better than ever and I cherish every second I get to breastfeed him. And I have a new found respect for moms that are too scared or to ashamed to ask for help. I try to talk about my experiences all the time so they know they aren’t alone. Once I got better I blasted it on Facebook! If I could help anyone to not feel the way I did that would be amazing! No matter how many kids you have, it’s like the first time every time. It’s hard. Its really really hard.

Wipe your ass!

I must rant. This comes on the heels of a major major meltdown by number one. All is quiet in the world. Number four is napping. Number two and three are upstairs ready for bed when number one races into the bathroom like a bat out of hell (Meatloaf reference…if you don’t get it, I am old) I hear whining and crying and just general panic going on in the bathroom. I peek my head around the corner because daddy is dealing with it and frankly I cant deal with anymore whining today. Number one is losing his goddamn mind. I give hubs the ol’ ‘what’s his problem?’ face and he says … “his bum hurts” *Eye roll! Now let me frank, these kids are too busy with FOMO (fear of missing out) to wipe their own ass! (Another reason electronics were taken away; too busy being a zombie to pay attention to the task at hand) I honestly don’t know if they even try! I have cushiony soft toilet paper and even bought nicePhotoGrid_1512827158051 Charmin wipes for their wiping pleasure. Do you think they bother to use any of it to its potential? Heck no! Lets just deal with a bum rash on a 6-year-old 30 minutes after bedtime when he already tired and cranky and now we have to put Penatin on his ass! Ya…my idea of fun is not to put diaper cream on my fully capable child…and yet here I am doin it! Tell me I’m not the only one!


For the birds…and boys who eat like them

When my twins started eating real food it was organic, handmade, fresh food. I was #supermom and only the best for my little babies! No cheese whiz or hot dogs, don’t you dare give them juice or sugar period! (Laughing to myself) That didn’t last too long. Firstly we had twins so buying organic food that was being thrown on the floor or in the garbage was a waste! I still made everything but they had their fair share of processed food at a young age and it became an acquired taste for the young men. Now our constant rotation of dinners is pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni, Alpha-getti, pogos and French fries…lunch are cheese whiz or jam wraps and a plethora of prepackaged snacks. I’m not a complete monster, they eat yogurt and cheese faster than I can buy it and I buy applesauce buy the Costco size case. Fruit, though expensive, never lasts long in this house. They have no desire to eat cookies or cakes. They still don’t drink juice often, either water or milk.  But they have a wicked addiction to ‘blue snacks’ (Welches fruit snacks)

I’m not sure where I went wrong. I tried to expand their pallet as children but now their likes mirror a first year collage student. My doctor and friends insist that we should be happy they are eating and as they get older they will acquire better taste buds. I try not to worry but their reaction to vegetables and meats (other than hotdogs and bologna…which aren’t even real meat) is almost embarrassing! So I do what any sane mother would do with a child on a horrible diet…vitamins!


Every night my kids get vitamin c, a multi vitamin and an omega 3. It helps me sleep at night knowing they got some vitamins along with their processed goodies!

For you, from me

I will never claim to know everything…hell I wont even claim to know anything! But I feel with a house like mine with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a hubby and myself…I may have some things to say.

I’m going to take you through my organization…a term we use loosely in this house and my tips and tricks that most the time work.

Here is a quick run down of my life…I am the older of two girls. My Dad is a mechanic and owns his own shop (where my husband works) and my mom works at the LCBO. My sister is one of my best friends…now… we were oil and water growing up (for another day) and she has a baby and a boyfriend and all the spoils she deserves.

When I tell you I’m nothing fancy I’m not trying to downplay anything or put myself down. I’m just here. Don’t get me wrong, I think imp pretty awesome, I have an amazing family, out of this world circle of friends and an over all pretty great life….but im not anywhere near curing cancer or getting my name on the front page lol

I’m 5 feet tall, always on the next fad diet to loose baby weight and a social media addict. I talk too much, have too many opinions and can sometimes use my quick-witted sarcasm as weapons of destruction. PhotoGrid_1512799200547

I have a secret love of writing and event planning but alas I am a factory worker…sad story told by many. I was lying in bed wanting more, as I do many of night. Trying to figure how to do something to make money and not go back to work after my third and last mat leave is up when I typed into Google ‘How to be a writer’ meh….’how to be a lifestyle blogger’ jackpot. I started reading an article, skimming through mostly and my ideas started flowing. I immediately got out of bed and started typing. My goal isn’t to be come a style expert or lifestyle guru but I do think I have something to offer. I am a hash tag boymom, I’m 34 years old and I live in a small town. I have quirky goodness oozing from my pores!

And if it turns out I don’t have what it takes ….I know my friends will like it lol



Welcome to Crazy

This is me! 

       I feel like most time spent starting a blog is the first sentence. The opening sentence is supposed to catch the attention of the world or at least enough people to make it relevant.

Instead of a catchy phrase I will sit down in front of my computer covered in tiny fingerprints, pour myself a glass of wayyy too sweet wine in my 10 year old chipped Ikea juice glass and try to fill you all in on my life.

To start, I’m nothing fancy. I’m not being modest; I grew up in a town of 1000 people. I left because I had to ‘live my life’ then came running back into its loving arms the second I realized the big world was too much for me to handle. I’m not a complete loss. I skated through high school then went on to skate through college. A minimalist some would say. I could have been great but I just didn’t have a passion I suppose.


Enter high school sweetheart storyline. I married the nice guy. The cool guy. The guy that everyone loves. I continually think I am a lucky girl, even when I want to smother him in his sleep for snoring or when I’m trying to explain that Moms do so much more then dads realize or when.…well lets leave that for another day this is supposed to be an introduction.

I have babies, multiple babies. Four to be exact. Here’s the kicker, they’re all boys! I have four boys. Sorry to repeat myself that was really only for my benefit not yours. Anyway so 4 boys; twins age 6, age 4 and a new one sittin at 5.5 months. They are perfect little amazing smart funny cute beings (said every mom everywhere) I believe this statement most the time, but again as you will learn. Everyone in this household has their off days.

I’m going to tell you something’s that will knock your socks off, some things that will make you laugh or cry or just things that will make you question me as person lol I’m ok with it. I promise to be 100% honest. I promise to only leave out the illegal things and I promise if I sound crazy…its only because I am! I will help you navigate your own craziness with tips and tricks of the trade. The #boymom or just a mom in general!