Hot mess Mom

So this past weekend I went to Walmart with 3 out of 4 kids. Not uncommon, the boys are all old enough now that it isn’t a shit show when we go into public. (Keep reading)

We had some errands to run and I promised them a new game for their PS3 (mommy guilt gift) After doing the mall then venturing to walmart my cart was full. then I remembered I wanted a mailbox for the front of our house so we searched  high and low (i tend not to ask for help) After looking for what seemed like forever I gave up, Amazon it is! So we went to check out. I loaded all my stuff on the belt and went to grab my wallet….gone. Panic mode. I tell the cashier and he tells me to go ahead and look for it, he would continue to cash me out. So i tell the boys, and being my children they panic as well and start looking. only they ran off to look. I grabbed nixon, who by the way is over 20 lbs and start to retrace my steps. In the back of my mind realizing phoenix and Declan had run off to look for my wallet and I couldn’t see them. So I’m looking for my wallet, and my children and lugging a 20 lb baby around with me…in full on panic mode frantically looking at the ground while i ran/walked through Walmart.

I’m at the back of the store and hear “Julie Campbell come to customer service, Julie Campbell” Yessss they found my wallet! I rush up to the front and see Declan standing there with a crowd of employees. He’s smiling and says “Mommy i got lost” At least we know he knows what to do if he does get lost! But did you find my wallet?! No….the employees look at me like I’m a monster because I asked that but seriously, I knew the kids would turn up, my wallet, not so sure.

So I have phoenix and declan and i’ve found an empty card to put Nixon in so we are still searching. I remind them that our 10 free hours from the trampoline park are in my wallet and they freak out and search harder. I text nick some profanity about losing my wallet and realize it’s gone forever and we aren’t getting groceries today either.

Defeated I go up to customer service one last time….Did anyone turn in a wallet?! Yes they did! Phewwwww I can breathe! I can get groceries! I don’t have to pay for the trampoline park! lol The lady at the desk says “wow lost your kid and your wallet in one day!” Listen woman, I don’t need your attitude I’m a hot mess and I know it, no need to point it out!

We pay for our groceries, leave the store and the kids ask if we can go to McDonalds….to which I reply…Heck no! We are getting out of this damn city!

Ughhhh hot mess Mom day for the books!

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