Weird kids

Do your kids have weird quirks? Do you ever wonder where they get it from? Sometimes I can’t believe the things my kids come up with.

Phoenix where’s long sleeves and pants on the hottest day of the year. I cannot change that. Someone will surely call CAS on be for ‘giving my kid’ heat stroke. He won’t wear t-shirts, only muscle shirts and all last summer he wore socks with his sandals. Annnnd he does not like chocolate! Weird.

Declan only likes vanilla ice cream, he will only wear one hat (his camo Bass Pro one) and has to wear it all the time. Neither kid likes to be naked and none of them like bubbles in their bath!

It takes forever to convince them its summer and time to wear shorts then when it turns colder it takes another forever to get them to put their pants and long sleaves back on.

Mason will generally wear anything…but likes to dress in costumes (batman, Lego man, Mario) He loves butter! Butter sandwiches or just sticking his finger into the butter.

They hate when we sing out loud around them and heaven forbid mommy dances in the kitchen.

Nixon is too young for quirks yet… But I’m sure under the advisement of his big brothers, he will follow suit lol

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