Baby steps

When Phoenix and Declan turned 4 months old I could not wait to feed them their first bite of baby cereal. The funny thing about that is…you just can’t stop after that. They grow accustom to eating real food and you have to do that three or more times a day. Weird right? When they showed signs of crawling, Nick and I worked on it every night before bed with them, right knee, left knee, right knee. We were through the roof when they started crawling! What smart little babies! But then they just keep crawling….and that eventually turns into walking! Surprisingly enough we did the same thing with Mason (didn’t learn our lesson) We pushed for him to crawl, practiced walking every night and eventually he was off and running!

With Nixon (let me remind you he is the fourth child) we were not haven any of that. We chose not to bribe him with toys to make him army crawl, we didn’t stand him up to furniture, nothing. We did not promote movement of any sorts. Don’t worry, he was fine. He was just happy to sit and watch the world around him, not a care in the world! And besides, he has 3 older brothers so he wanted for nothing.

Nixon did not crawl until 11 months (My Gramma coaxed him into crawling, we might have gone longer) and he didn’t eat real food until 9 months (i think)  Let me tell you that last month of mat leave was busy! I didn’t get a thing done! Babies are busy when they are on the move!

Do what you want with your kids, but I knew Nixon wasn’t going to have to be carried into his kindergarten class, I knew eventually he would crawl and eventually he would eat food. We let him be a baby and be doted on and didn’t have to chase after him for 11 whole months. We had a pretty stress free first year!….(well 11 months)

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