Real food, real talk

I feel like there is pressure to make sure your kids eat healthy. From birth there is ‘breast is best’ and many different formulas on the market claiming to have it all. When they start eating solids we are told to make our own, fresh organic food, steamed and puree. I did all that. with all my kids. made their baby food by hand, only the best fruits and veggies (maybe a little lax with Nixon) When Phoenix and Declan were babies it was all organic. No hotdogs, no cheese whiz, no Kraft dinner. When they first went to daycare I sent them with food because they didn’t offer organic options and my kids were not eating processed foods!

One weekend away at Granny and Poppas and the kids developed a taste for the finer things in life. Hot dogs and Kraft dinner. I was not impressed with my Dad for introducing them to this world. But as life got busy and they got even more fussy I quietly realized these ‘crap’ foods were the ticket to making my kids eat a full meal! They ate fruit well but veggies have never been there forte…still aren’t.

The same can be said for Mason, although he tried more things, as long as his brothers weren’t around to tell him it was gross.

Now Nixon, number four. I still had hopes of a good healthy first year. avocado, banana, greek yogurt, chicken, broccoli, all the good stuff. One night he wasn’t eating. I tried everything in the fridge and he was not having it. If i got it in his mouth he would spit it out…if i got it in his mouth. At my wits end I reheated some Kraft dinner the boys had left and through it on his tray…didn’t the little bugger inhale it! Every last piece, then begged for more! For one second i felt as though I had failed, all my hard work trying to give him a distinguished palate and here he was downing noodles with powdered cheese on them. But then I realized I hadn’t failed…you just can’t fight city hall.

And so in closing, I leave you with this, it’s much easier to swim with the current then against it. Don’t stress yourself out, the kids will be fine.

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