One night Nick and I were laying in bed watching TV. I received a Snapchat from my sister, not out of the ordinary. I opened it, it was a pee stick ….with two lines. Now since I was pregnant at the time, my first thought was? ‘Why was she sending me a pic I sent her?’ then I thought ‘Did i even send her a pic of my pregnancy test?’ Third thought was “oh my gaaawwwwwdddddd!” I showed nick then called her immediately! “are you kidding me?!” (add a few colourful describing words in there) I was so surprised and excited and speechless! How cool was this? I was going to be pregnant with my sister and I was going to be an aunt!

As months dragged on and we were both feeling the effects of our pregnancies the excitement kind of dwindles. But with the shot of a gun and a million pieces of pink tissue paper flying the excitement was at an all time high. I was getting a niece and Crysti was getting a daughter! A girl! Something I knew nothing about but was so excited to embark upon.

July 21st 2017 little Grace Valerie was born to this world after hours of stubbornness. I got to hold her and snuggle her and love her. I promised to be her cool aunt and give her things when mommy said no and take her out when she’s of age. I warned her of her four older boy cousins and that they may seem rough around the edges but they were pretty cool. She’d have to keep up to them and their crazy ways. But most of all I thanked her for making me an aunt. A real true blue, blood, Aunt.

Miss Grace is a little fire cracker, staying true to her middle name, Valerie, after a very special person in our lives that left us too soon. She is crazy and awesome and adorable and perfect. She was crawling early, walking early and I have no doubts she will be surpassing any craziness my boys can dish out! She’ll be looking out for them in the years to come I’m sure

Happy first birthday my dear sweet (crazy) niece.

I love you as much as I could love another child, that isn’t my own. I still promise to be the cool aunt and be there for you everystep of the way!

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