FOMO stands for Fear of missing out. Generally used when talking about not want to leave a party early or going out when you don’t want to but you’d hate to miss the fun.

My FOMO definition is fear of missing out on all the fun my kids are having without me…. While I’m at work.

I know most shift working mommas and dad’s go through this and maybe mine is more of an anxiety right now because I am newly back to the grind but it’s a real thing! The boys are home for the summer and usually playing around or watching tv while I sleep. I hate to go to bed in the morning because they are so happy and cuddly and want to show me things and watch YouTube videos with them and it’s really hard to say ‘I have to go to sleep’ when it’s the only time I get with them. Although if I don’t sleep… Lord help my fellow workmates lol

My fears are a tad erational, I know this. I fear they will miss me, or miss out on something because I’m not there. This is crazy. They have two loving devoted parents, grandparents, great grandparents and more so they will never want for extra love and attention…. Right?

As much as I hate to leave, I know that they are in good hands and that the time spent away is harder on me than them and that the time I now spend with them, no matter how little, is much more important. Quality not quantity when you work the crazy hours of a shift worker I suppose.

What keeps me going is the pics Nick send me of their evening shenanigans and the morning snuggles in bed watching YouTubers that used to be annoying but are now something we do together because it makes them happy. Our little morning routine. Until I can be home with them more I hope they never want for anything. The momma guilt is strong these days.

The boys doing their “what??!!” face and a video daddy sent me at break

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