The big return

So last Thursday was my first day back to work.

My last day was in December of 2016, so you can imagine my feelings towards this situation.

It was one of the hottest days so far and I work in a factory… So there’s that. I was so nervous even though I have worked there for over 10 years. Luckily (not really) I had an hour and fifteen minute drive to really let it sink in. When I got there I rushed out of the truck, panicked and shakey and walked the big path to the doors. Found my new locker, after going upstairs instead of down and proceeded to try and get my combination right. With shakey hands and no memory of how to use a combination lock I was locked out! Thankfully there were some lovely women beside me that helped me open my locker and ease my stress. With my locker opened I took out my pictures to decorate it like a highschool kid on their first day. Pictures of my family, magnets made by the boys and drawings… To remind me of the love that waited for me at home… And also reasons why I couldn’t run screaming from the building tossing in the towel. I wanted to send a pic to the boys, showing them my locker decor but quickly realized I forgot my phone in the truck! Ughhhh I grabbed my lunch and headed to my line. Forgot my safety glasses and had to go back. Finally on my way! Once I started seeing familiar faces my nerves were calmed and especially after I ran out to get my phone and talked to Nick. The night went by fast, mostly due to the fact that I had to catch up on 18 months of gossip lol

Day two was good as well. Jumped right back into the jobs I had left and (unfortunately) remembered almost every step! Like seriously, I can barely remember my kids names but a job I did ages ago comes right back to me! I guess that’s a good…. And bad… thing.

So as I go into my second week of nights I am hopeful for positive things to come. I would give anything to be at home with my babes but I actually enjoy my job (most the time) and I have some really great people to work with too!

A positive attitude will get me through these days when I miss my boys, I’m tired and want to quit but know that I cannot… Right now lol

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