To separate or not to separate…

For thirty four long weeks Phoenix and Declan lived in my womb….and pretty much everyday after that they have been together, minus a few sleepovers. Now when the teacher tells you they should be separated, many things come to mind…

Every year they are in school we ask that they be in the same class. For two reasons. One, because I have enough things in life to keep straight, so if I can have the same info, deadlines and homework coming home from two of the boys then life is easier. Two, because they are twins. They are one (but in a ‘they’re their own person’ kind of way) They don’t freak out when they are apart, they don’t share a brain, they aren’t inseparable… but they are twins and they are used to being together, they miss each other and I don’t want to take that away from them. These might be selfish crazy momma bear reasons but they are mine.

After much conversation on the subject, and chats with another awesome twin boy mom I was 100% sure Nick and I had made the right decision to keep the boys together going into grade 2. Don’t get me wrong, if they were disruptive to the class or causing problems with each others learning it may be a different answer. But the fact of the matter is they are brothers, the tightest brothers can be after sharing a womb for 34 weeks and a bedroom for the last 7 years. They want each other to succeed and they want to be apart of each others lives and sometimes that means helping the other out in school when they shouldn’t. My fear is to separate them, they get different friends, different paths and they lose that special twin bond. I had twins for a reason, they should be together….for as long as they want.

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