Breastfeeding real talk

As you all know, or are learning real fast, I am pretty open about my life. I have many opinions and I am not afraid to voice them (thanks Mom) So when it comes to breastfeeding I am the same way….

I have said before in my post Weaning I am not prepared to stop and frankly I don’t have to! As set back as some people are about breast-feeding, the world is pretty accommodating to Mom’s who don’t wean after a year. I recently contacted my HR department to see what my options were and they were more than happy to give me time to pump during my work day. Now they would prefer me use my breaks but said they would also get me off-line if need be. Don’t know if I will need to pump while at work, but I’m so happy that the option is there and that they didn’t snub their nose at me for asking!

I recently went away on a girls trip to a cottage from Thursday to Sunday. When we booked the trip I had every intention of weaning Nixon but as time grew near it wasn’t happening! So I brought my trusty pump….and I pumped like hell before I had my drinks. While I pumped I didn’t feel like I was missing out, or sad I couldn’t start drinking at the crack of dawn, I was just so scared to lose my supply that it didn’t bother me a bit! I read my book for my book report, drank my coffee and pumped, ahhhh the cottage life!

I messaged a friend over the weekend who I knew was still nursing past the age of one to ask her some questions. I’m out of my element on this one as I quit early with Phoenix and Declan and 11 months with Mason. She let me in on her schedule and we talked about the stigma behind nursing past a year. I get stopping at a year….it’s what we are “supposed” to do right? And life is busy! It;s always nice not feeling alone on a new, unknown journey you are taking! I can remember a friend of mine, years ago, nursed her daughter past a year and I thought how crazy it was. There are no nutrients in breast milk after a year! MYTH! But I didn’t know that… then.

So here is what I know now. You should stop nursing your child when you/they are ready. No one gets to tell you otherwise. Many will turn up their nose, make comments under their breath or even try to convince you to stop… but you know yourself, your body and your baby better than anyone else so you get to decide when the best time to wean your baby is. Period.

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One thought on “Breastfeeding real talk

  1. Jules,
    Owen was the only one I was able to nurse as James was a lazy nurser and it was too much work for him and too much pain for me. I think because of that I enjoyed every minute I nursed Owen. Since I was lucky enough to stay home with my boys I had no dufficulty with extended nursing. He was 2 years 4 months when our nursing journey finished. This was a mutual decision between the two of us! He was become to acrobatic for me and when I decided we were done he easily agreed and didn’t have an issue. I thought stopping was going to create tantrums but he willing to end our journey together. He had already lessened the amount he nursed and the duration of his “pit stops”. So I say nurse as long as it works for the two of you!!!


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