Is the year up? Did 365 days really just fly by?

Nixon Patrick Campbell is one year old today and I seriously cannot believe it.

My easy baby, my snuggly baby, my last baby. This past year has been so amazing. Not just because I got to watch Nixon grow and learn and turn into this perfect little boy but because I was home with all my boys. After going off work early, properly placed holidays and mat leave I have been off with my boys since December 2016…and in a couple of weeks I will return (lets not talk about that) I have taken them to school, picked them up, went on school trips, made cupcakes for class, picked them up early because they were sick, kept them home to cuddle, whisked them away for mini vacations, movie nights, slumber parties and sooooo much more! I loved (almost) every minute of it. We have a routine and it works and I am hopeful that after I go back to work we will all have this down pat and it’ll all work like clockwork! (fingers crossed)

Back to Nixon… I don’t have the words, I stare at him and seriously think he is the most perfect, his first year was a great awakening for me. It made me realize that you can have a hundred kids but number 101 is still going to teach you so much! I learned to chill, like take a second and chill! things will get done, put it down, look at your surroundings and enjoy the moment! I’ve learned that my boys are growing into perfect little men in front of my eyes and some days I am so proud I could burst! They have so much love for Nixon sometimes I think they’ll squeeze him until he pops lol

I won’t bring everyone down by reminding you that he’s my last and that makes me sad. I’d have another…I’m not going to but I would.

Happy birthday Nixy baby! Cannot wait to see what year two has in store for the youngest Campbell boy xoxoxo

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