Ya feel me bro?

Nixon is by far the most laid back of my boys. I always say, he’s number four, he has to be! lol But many people have told me its because I am more relaxed. Having three older boys that are pretty helpful and at an age where they are self sufficient and I’ve been through this before…a couple times… definitely helps. Nixon is good to go to anyone i pass him off to, he is loved by all who he flutters his eyes at. The wonderful ladies at the post office can’t get enough of him and are disappointed if i don’t bring him in. He always, almost always, has smiles for anyone he meets!

Fast forward to the week before I leave on my girls only four day mini vacay away from my family….

Nixon will only go to me, he cries when i leave the room and he nurses now more then ever (just when i was starting to slowly wean him) This Momma is full of anxieties! I am so excited to start my summer and end my mat leave with a nice little holiday with my girls to a cottage in Turkey point. It is going to be wonderful to sleep in, nap and have some drinks with little to no responsibilities….but of course I leave behind my babes. Im not generally that Mom. I can leave them with people, I can go away, but this time is different. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it also takes a village to watch them for a couple days too! With school pick ups and drop offs, birthday parties and craft days I am so very thankful for my Mom, my Grandparents and of course my amazing hubby! Without them this would not be possible. My boys are in good hands and I am reminded daily not to worry…and i won’t…about them….But I just worry that they’ll miss me, Mommy is taking time away from them to drink, tan and sleep in. I know I deserve it (i guess) but i still feel a little bad. Especially for Nixon. He will 1000% be perfectly fine with Daddy and Great Gramma but He’s never been away from me and I’m taking away the liquid gold (for a few days) Ugh…

He’ll be fine

They’ll be fine

I’ll be fine


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