The gap

In case no one noticed…there is quite the age gap between my third and fourth son, almost four and a half years actually. People tend to assume Nixon was an oops but he wasn’t.  (For the record) Nixon was perfectly planned. Literally perfect. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to have a baby when you have older kids. Phoenix, Declan and Mason head off to school every morning and Nixon and I do our thing! It’s almost like having one kid…almost….I still have all the work from a house full of boys to do lol

I cannot get over how amazing the older boys are with Nixon. So helpful and kind and loving towards him. They don’t even like to sleep over at Granny or Gramma’s much anymore because they miss their baby brother! I can have a shower and they watch him, they sooth him when he’s crying, they make him laugh and bring him toys! I am so, for lack of a better word, blessed to have such good boys helping me everyday. I know this may change when Nixon gets into their stuff and wrecks their lego building or rips their art work but right now is just lovely!

To go from three kids under 3 to a 4 year age gap makes you appreciate your kids much more. The little extra mental clarity helps too I suppose. I think the timing was perfect for all my boys. Phoenix, Declan and Mason will always be close because of their ages but they will all be close with Nixon because they will have always looked out for him. I hope anyway, I mother can dream can’t she?!

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