Baby stuff – continued

I think there is so much people don’t tell you when you have a baby…like the little things that you didn’t know you needed when you have a baby…

One of my best gifts when I had a baby was a bag of first aid items; Tylenol, Advil, bandaids, gripe water, wash cloths, etc. I tell people to this day… great shower gift!

  1. Lavender essential oil: One drop of oil mixed with fractioned coconut oil in a rollerball. One swipe on the bottom of each of your babies feet and I swear it helped him sleep.
  2. Ovol: I cannot say this enough…buy it, stock up. It will save your day and night! It gets rid of gas so fast and so easy. Trust me. Buy it. Seriously.
  3. Homemade blankets: I am sentimental but I do love a good ol’ crochet, knit or fabric blanket. My Mom has made many for all my boys but I’ve also received some beautiful ones from friends as well. Something to hang on to for the future (ps. I’m a hoarder)
  4. Costco baby wipes: These are the best wipes I have ever used. I have tried all of the wipes…all of them. Costco baby wipes come in a case of individual packages, approximently 900 wipes for about $20. So worth it.
  5. Sleepers with a zipper: Because no one wants to fuss around with snaps in the middle of the night with your eyes half open, a hungry baby squirming around and fingers that just don’t work fast enough due to sleep deprivation.
    Walmart has them cheap but they shrink up so buy big, and Costco just recently started carrying the cutest sleepers with zippers for under $7! Really great quality as well.
  6. Sound Machine: These are great to create noise to help sooth baby to sleep…or keep them asleep…or drown out noise from other children in your house. I have always used the ‘ocean waves’ sound with all my kids, but white noise works too.

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