Baby Stuff

After four kids I have owned a lot of baby stuff. I have bought useful and highly useless things. These are the things that make the list, tried true and useful items I have used for all four kids and some that I found just in time for number four!

  1. Graco Fast Action Fold Click Connect Jogger Travel System Love love love this stroller. I did research for this one and it held up! My sister even ended up buying the same one! Easy to pack up, a but heavy but I can load it and unload it on my own so it can’t be that bad.
  2. Baby Pacifier Clip Holder I didn’t have these with the first three. I don’t know why… Phoenix and Declan had soothers but Mason & Nixon did not. But these clips are amazing for keeping toys inside the carseat! No more losing toys or teething rings! I got this idea from my sister actually, its brilliant!
  3. An Excersaucer: (this one isn’t exactly the same but pretty darn close) My Aunt bought us one for a gift when the twins were born and we are still using it through to baby number four! He is currently sitting in it in the kitchen while we get dinner ready! Mind you they do need to be a couple months old to go in it but it’s been a gift from God! Keeps him busy and allows Momma to get things done.
  4. Sock & wrist rattles : We have these exact ones for Nixon. We’ve had plenty of other ones over the year but they are so handy to strap to the car seat, keep them busy in the crib or just something to chew on! The crazy colours and patterns are pretty entertaining to a baby.
  5. Portable highchair: These things are great. We’ve always had odd table sets (an old antique one, a long thick one and now a bar high table) So using a regular highchair is generally a pain. We had these with the twins, got them at a two for one sale. When the boys were little we’d put them in the chairs and face them towards each other in hopes that they would entertain each other while momma got a little work done. it was also great so we could all eat dinner together!

My new favs with number four baby!

  1. Muslin blankets: I always wanted these but never ended up getting any with the other three boys. I have a bunch now and i love them! light weight, cozy, cute designs and Nixon loves them too!
  2. Hydrasense nasal aspirator: This something I never dreamed I would be purchasing. I thought it was gross and there was no way I could do it…However when your two month old gets a cold from his older brothers and can barely breath, you suck it up…literally. It. Is. Amazing! They aren’t big fans of it but it works so well and makes them, and you, feel so much better! I defiantly recommend this! So great to have on hand!

Don’t waste your money (in my opinion)

  1. Travel Bottle warmer: They rarely work. It takes forever. We were always fans of room temperature bottles…don’t want to spoil them too much lol
  2. Diaper Genie: Great idea in theory but they don’t really hold much, they are a pain in the butt to empty and reload annnnd they rarely seem to be in the room you change the baby in!
  3. Pee pee teepee: A silly little invention to avoid getting peed on by your little boy…like a party hat over his bits. Cute idea but unless that baby is sleeping while you change him, its going to fall off and if you can’t change a diaper real quick anyway you’re doomed to have many instances of baby hands in the poop!
  4. Boogie Wipes: Specifically designed to wipe your childs nose…you know, like a kleenex….or a baby wipe even! Save your money. Your child will be fine, I promise.
  5. Pacifier wipes: Same idea as above…a baby wipe will sufice…or some hot water…sometimes a good ol’ swipe on your jeans lol

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