My poor baby

So one night, a couple of years ago I told Nick I was running up town to grab something. I can’t remember now what it was but he asked me to grab him Pepsi. I said no, like I always do, with every intention of actually doing it … i was just being my usual difficult self. I got up to the variety store and saw an old family friend and started chatting and chatting and chatting. Nick called my cell, i didn’t answer because i didn’t want to be rude. then he called again and again. I assumed he wanted pop so didn’t bother. Once I was finished talking i finally answered and he was yelling at me to get home now, he had to take mason to the hospital and I had all the car seats. WHAT?! i left everything on the counter and ran out…thankfully i live two minutes from town. I pulled into the driveway, probably on two wheels, and Nick met me at the door with 3-year-old Mason in his arms and a blood soaked cloth on his face. Nick looked pale. I thought i was going to puke. “What happened?!!!” as he’s trying to get passed me to put Mason in the vehicle. I tried to move the cloth from his face and Nick just says “Don’t” kind of like ‘its real bad, you don’t want to see this’ Well i looked anyway…my poor baby had a gash about an inch long on his nose and it was bleeding like crazy …and you could see bone. So now I’m in full on panic mode, I am literally the worst in these situations. I sat in the back with Mason the whole way there and he was fine, he was a rock star! We got there and of course he needed stitches. The Dr wrapped my baby in a sheet and made Nick and I hold his arms, legs and head. It was the most traumatizing experience of my life. I will never forget the look he was giving me while the dr stitched him up, like Mommy, how could you let them do this to me?! Ugh my heart dropped and i just wanted to let him go and hope the gaping hole healed on its own. But he was good, we treated him like royalty for a couple of days but was fine, didn’t say another word about it.

Two years later my heart still sinks when I see that scar on his little nose. They say chicks dig scares so he’s got that going for him lol It was just an accident, nothing more. Phoenix was at my grandparents and Declan was at my parents. Nick was making a coffee and Mason wanted to open the microwave, which at the time was beside the stove not above it. He opened the door and the sugar bowl fell off the microwave, bounced off the marble butchers block the microwave was sitting on and shattered…thus slicing my poor baby’s nose. ughhhh my poor baby.

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