The last one

There is a feeling you get when you’ve had your last baby… Like when you know there isn’t any more babies being born from your body. It’s like an anxious heaviness when you look at him. You don’t want to sleep because you’re afraid that you’ll miss the baby stage, you’ll miss the cute coos, learning to roll over, the smiles and the giggles. It’s the counting down until you have to go back to work. It’s the long days because you’re exhausted from being up all night and sore from trying to lay in a certain position so that he doesn’t wake up but it’s also the blink of an eye and your days are over and he’s one more day older. It’s so many feelings in one it’s almost hard to comprehend. Complete and utter joy mixed with sadness. We just have to do our best, and try our best and stay focused on what is important in our lives and who is important and tune out all the other noise…

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