Little drummer boy

A couple weeks ago Phoenix had his first drumming lesson. He recently started walking around the house drumming on all he could. He asked a couple times if he could take lessons and after waiting the appropriate amount of time to see if he was actually interested I signed him up! I mean its much better than travelling all over hell’s half acre to play soccer at 8 o’clock at night right?!

So I took him in and we were waiting for the instructor. Phoenix was looking around….and I was looking at him…and my 4lbs 15oz baby was this smart, handsome, witty little (almost 7 year old) man! I missed it, like i blinked and there he was, such a perfect little being. I know, I know, a bit dramatic for drum lessons but it was a moment of clarity, the boy who never wanted to leave the house when he grew up much less a day without his momma was practically running to the room where his lesson was. Barely looking back to wave goodbye. It was a whole half hour! Didn’t he care?!

I am so proud of the boy he is and the little gentleman he is becoming. He holds doors, hugs when he thinks its needed or wanted, helps whoever he can and begs to go to his great grammes to play Uno and crokinole! He still sometimes fights with his brothers and whines for a drink after last call or cries when he doesn’t get his way…but when it’s just him and I, I am blown away.

And maybe, just maybe, I can actually say…we are doing a good job!

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