Mom Friends

Mom friends. We all have a certain few Mom friends that actually make you feel like you are normal. They do not hesitate to one up you with their BadMom stories just to prove that you are not alone. These ladies make me feel like I…We are all okay!

Everyone knows there is a stigma in the Momming world to be perfect Mommys. You aren’t supposed to let your guard down or show the chink in your armor….well you know what? I call bullshit. You want to know the truth? I’ll tell ya! Anything you want to know about pregnancy, childbirth and having kids because faking it (especially on social media) doesn’t help anyone…especially the moms that are struggling. Being a mom is hard, the single most hardest job in the world. So we should be able to walk up to another Mom and say “My kid is being a brat today!” and that Mom should turn around and say “Pfft you aint heard nothing yet! Listen to this!” No judgement. We aren’t perfect and God knows neither are our kids!

Please give some love to the Mom who is screaming at her kids in public, (she’s probably so tired and at her wit’s end) the Mom staring blankly at nothingness while her kids are jumping up and down around her (she probably is so exhausted and doesnt want to deal with the craziness that is home time) And to the Mom who seems perfect…throw her some love too…because she might need it more than any of us.

I have so much love for my Mom friends. No sugar-coating. Just real live Momma’s!

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