Losing the weight loss game

Let me tell ya, I feel like I’ve been dieting my whole life.

From a very young age I was very aware of my body being slightly bigger than some. I distinctly remember crying to my mom the night before our big dance recital that I didn’t want people to see me because I didn’t look good in my leotard….Flash forward to high school where I didn’t eat anything except the vending machine cookies, a bottle of water and supper. Definitely an eating disorder of some sort. Once I moved out it was a steady stream of bad food and alcohol, late night pizza deliveries and frozen meals from Giant Tiger.

I’ve tried every fad diet known to man. The soup diet, the veggie diet, the military diet and before my wedding I ate fruit for 5 days straight to lose the 5 pounds before the big day! I’ve done Jenny Craig, Isogenics, Visalus and Weight Watchers. A couple of others I can’t remember. I’ve spent so much money on diets, pills, shakes, you name it! And this is all before I had kids! I gained 70 lbs with Phoenix and Declan and 40 lbs with Mason. After Mason was born I worked my ass off and got down to a size 5… the size I was at my wedding. I ate right and started running. I’d get up at 3am just to run 3 kms before work. But with my amazing abilities to self sabotage I was back up in no time and then I was pregnant with number Nixon…

So here we are. Four kids, and still about 30 lbs over what I’d like to be and I am bound and determine to get my ass into shape before I go back to work in July. It’s sooooo damn hard. Do you know how much junk food is in my house at any given time? My darling husband just has to think about losing weight and he drops 10 pounds…He can eat a bag of chips, candy and three peanut butter sandwiches at 10 o’clock at night and gain nothing…men.

Anyway I guess I’m just ranting.

This time will be different. I’ve been following the Ketogenic diet and doing boot camp style classes. I’m done having kids…now its time to look like I don’t have any lol I’ve been working my but off and I’m actually doing quite well, down 25 since I started working out. Wouldn’t you know it, diet and exercise actually does work for weightloss lol they were right!

Although the ketogenic diet may be called a but of a fad diet, I love hearing of others on it. It’s worked wonders for me and I don’t feel restricted. Anyone else out there on the keto diet? I love to hear success stories!

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