Worst Mom ever

You know when you have a great idea, like it pops into your head and you just think…”I’m totally going to be the coolest Mom for this!”
My kids asked for lunch, as they do, so I asked what they felt like. Only 2 kids were home and they both wanted peanut butter sandwiches. (Boring but an absolute staple in our house.) I had this awesome idea when I opened up the cupboard! What if…I put peanut butter on a hot dog bun, put a little bit of honey down the centre then topped it off with banana!?! Coolest Mom ever, Right?!

Wrong, dead wrong. The horror in my kids faces was almost as though I had killed their beloved pet then took all their toys to Good Will. One of them started crying so uncontrollably that he was hyperventilating and the other one was so pissed that I had the audacity to not make boring food.

Needless to say I dumped the fun food, made 2 boring peanut butter sandwiches (1 slice, flipped) and I vowed never to make them that again… or anything else for that matter. (joking…I am legally obligated to feed them)

I need fun, non confrontational , food ideas for my kids! HELP!


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