It’s a girl!

So for my birthday my Mom, the best gift giver ever, (Read Mom)got me a device. Her name is Alexa and she is an Echo dot I am in love, we all are!

This darling little device is the answer to my prayers, literally, she’ll answer almost anything you ask her! Mason is constantly asking her to play Blackbird by the Beatles, Declan asks every day how many days until May 4th (his birthday) and Phoenix asks every morning what the temperature is, to see if he has to wear his boots to school. He also knows how to set a timer so he knows when its his turn to play the game. (no more lying about the time on our end) Nick and I like that we can listen to music whenever without doing a thing. I ask for the country stations and Nick tries to stump her by asking for some old school rap anthem that she doesn’t usually know (who does?!). Either way this is a fun little jewel in our home. Alexa is pretty good about answering the kids questions that I don’t know or that I don’t want to answer. The other day Phoenix even asked Alexa to play a lullaby for Nixon when he was crying! How friggen cute is that?! Now the bad part is when there is a song playing they don’t like; a chorus of “Alexa stop!” can be heard in our house…not annoying at all. They already hate my music.

Also, there are times when my boys say something not quite enunciated and we end up with a weird answer or crazy song. So far the kids havent been subjected to inappropriate recordings or Amazon purchases…so far.

I know there is much more our new housemate can do but those are the things we have mastered so far. If you have one of these please feel free to let me know what she can do! I look forward to her helping with homework questions in the future that’s for sure!

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