From the mouths of babes

I asked my boys a few questions…the answers actually went over better than expected!

  • #1 Phoenix – 6 years old
  • #2 Declan – 6 years old
  • #3 Mason – 4 years old

What’s my name?

  • Julie
  • Mommy, Julie
  • Julie

What’s my job?

  • To feed (#4)
  • Making cars
  • Building cars

What’s your favourite thing about Mommy?

  • That you got me a baby brother
  • That you help me with some stuff
  • That you let us have electronic time

What is Mommy bad at?

  • Letting me on your computer
  • Getting stuff I cannot reach
  • Yelling

Why does Mommy yell?

  • Because we be bad. Thats obviously. Same with Daddy
  • Because we be bad
  • Because we make you mad

Why do you love Mommy?

  • Because you gave me a baby brother
  • Because you do good stuff for us
  • Because you like me

What’s your favourite thing to do with Mommy?

  • Make crafts
  • Hang out and watch a movie
  • Play the penguin game


Left to right: Mason, Declan & Phoenix


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