Welcome to crazy…and the army that made me that way!

I thought I’d throw in a little ‘getting to know you’ post. Meet my kids. These are the 4 little people in my life that make me crazy. Crazy happy, crazy mad, crazy sad and just plain crazy.

Nick and I got pregnant on our first, and last, trip. Also known as our honeymoon. I found out 6 weeks after our wedding that we were expecting and a month or so after that we found out there was more than one in there. Shock and awe. Shock and awe. Our lives have been a whirlwind. We go big or go home. Pregnancy wasn’t any different. So we had twins, Phoenix and Declan. Then 21 months and an area code change later we had another, Mason, and 4.5 years after that we had our last, Nixon. I know what you’re thinking…number 4 was an oopsie! Jokes on you! Number 4 was planned. I knew when I was still in the hospital with #3 that I wanted another, it just took some time to get hubby on board.

So four boys. No girls allowed (in my uterus)! I thought I would be sad about that and some days maybe I am a little but then I think of how cool my kids are and how loving they are towards their momma and I feel better. I do still pray every night that I don’t get a bitchy daughter in law! I am thankful for my boys and I am killin it as a boy mom…If i do say so myself!

I always wonder if having multiple girls was different then multiple boys…anyone have just girls? Is your house as crazy as mine?!

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