Here to help

A lot of people ask me questions, whether it be because I have a ton of kids or perhaps I’m approachable or maybe I just talk too much…either way, I am more than happy to help anyone. If I know the answer I would love to share and if I don’t, you can bet I will help you find it.

I will take time out of my day to help you because I know how awful it feels when you don’t know what you are doing and there is no one answering your questions and no one telling you the right answers.

Be helpful to people, kindness goes along way!

BUT let me also tell you this. If I have gone out of my way to help you, taken time out of my busy day to talk you off a ledge or fix your issue you better not be an asshole. Repay the favour to someone else or just a simple sign of gratitude to the one who is helping you when they didn’t have to. We don’t do things to get something in return but it is common courtesy to be appreciative to someone after they do something nice for you.


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