Watch out for the crazy preggo!

I will be the fist to admit (now) that I am a crazy pregnant person. Those hormones are a killer and no one can attest to that more than my darling husband, Nick.

When I was pregnant with the twins we were just coming off of our honeymoon, had rarely fought before and were so completely in love … enter positive pregnancy test. Looking back now, I was probably clinically insane. I made Nick change the brand of cigarettes he smoked because the smell on is clothes drove me mad. He had to wash his hands, brush his teeth and change his clothes after every single cigarette! Nothing he did was right. His smell would infuriate me, his breathing was deafening and don’t even get me started on his snoring. It was a rough 8 months or so…more so for him. God love him though he was good to me and those babies, even if I was evil.

When I found out I was pregnant with Mason it was just in time for an early fathers day present. Our twins had literally just turned one and I wrapped up a pee stick and handed it to him…happy might have been an understatement at the time…might have been more fear for his life knowing the crazy preggo who’s hormones were finally getting back to normal, was coming back to stay for another year! I feel like I wasn’t too bad with this pregnancy. I know he says otherwise but I tried really hard to be normal. Well as normal as any pregnant woman with 2 one year olds and insane morning (all day) sickness could be. Although I do remember specifically one day yelling at Nick because he went out for a smoke and came in and started doing the dishes. I lost my mind…how could you put your nicotine covered hands in the same water as our dishes?! It honestly wasn’t until recently that I was reminded of this and realized how silly that statement was.

When we were talking about number four I could see the fear in Nick’s eyes. He didn’t want to go down the same path with the crazy wife again. I mean I couldn’t blame him…she was nuts! Again I truly believe I was much better this time…for real! I tried anyway…

Am I the only one? Please tell me other momma’s go crazy when they’re pregnant lol

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