So I’ve got a Dad who, on the outside, is a big gruff, scary, grumpy guy. But my friends looks can be deceiving! Inside he is a big, gruff, can be scary, not always grumpy softy.

Most of my friends when we were younger were scared of him… Some of them still are. But he always made sure we had working vehicles and gas in the tank. My Dad taught us life lessons like changing our oil, skinning a dear and changing a tire. (Ive never actually had to do any of those)

He taught me to drive when I was 7 in a field in my Grampas old jeep. We would go on dump runs then go for a drive and he’d make me tell him how to get home. (unfortunately I am still directionally challenged, moms genes were too strong)

But the best part about him is the way he is with my boys. You want to see a grown man chase a bunch of little boys around, catching them then tickling them until they almost pee their pants!? Or the fact that he buys them the cool toys like a go cart, a mini bike and a four wheeler! Poppa has finally got his boys after having two daughters!

Happy birthday to my Dad. Thanks for all the life lessons, good and bad, and all that you do for our family! Xo

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