The cups runneth over

We all fall victim to the dying thirst of our children as soon as you utter the word “bedtime!”. We have a ‘last call’ in our house. Fifteen minutes before bedtime we yell last call so everyone can grab one last drink and snack. This is supposed to deter them from asking 10 minutes into bed for a drink or a snack. (this works most of the time) But much like the old bar days, last call means last call. We don’t bend…usually.

Every night I go to bed with an empty sink. It’s just a little OCD thing I have, like starting the day fresh. Last night I went to bed with nothing in the sink….this morning woke up to this….


How does this even happen?! I was up with the two 6 year olds in the night…so thats two glasses. Then hubby was up with all three boys two hours before I was. Unreal! We had, at one point, implemented a one glass limit. We got them all nice Contigo Thermos’ from Amazon with their names on it. That was theirs to fill and refill with ice water and it had to stay on the counter. They are all gone. Nowhere to be seen.

So excuse me while I go do dishes…errr cups. I will also be searching for those Contigo thermos’ to reintroduce them to the house rule of one cup only! Orrrr maybe it’s time those little boys started doing dishes! ….too soon?

I should mention we don’t have a dishwasher, well we do but we don’t use it… So seriously when I can I make my kids do dishes?!

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