Tattle tailing

This is my favourite. It seems to be more prominent lately for some reason. It makes me crazy. At least 1000 times a day one kid or another is running into the kitchen to tell me what someone else did. It’s usually dumb. Usually the guilty party is hot on their heals making loud annoying noises behind him…. As if to mask the words that the other is saying. Making the whole situation that much more annoying. Let me be clear, I listen to all the tattling, I do my part as a parent. The annoying part is that 95% of it is ridiculous so I generally brush it off.

Recently Declan came running in to tell me Phoenix had given him a bloody nose! Obviously this is cause for concern, blood usually trumps all. So with blood soaked toilet paper in hand and tears in his eyes he explained to me that his brother had grabbed his hand… Pulled it back…. And let go… Ummmm so you’re saying you punched yourself in the face? You gave yourself a bloody nose? I laughed. We all laughed. Come back to me when you got real problems kid!

What age does the tattling stop?!

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