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I recently came across an article on Facebook stating mother’s of newborns are avid online shoppers while they are up feeding their baby at night. I think it was meant to be a bit of a joke, click bait I think they call it. I forwarded it on to my sister, also at home on maternity leave. We both agreed this is no joke. This is a real thing. I’m constantly filling and ‘saving for later’ in my Amazon cart. Some may say this is a real problem but if you got a Christmas gift from me this year you can thank Amazon!

It’s too easy. What started as me running out of diapers and realizing had them ended up as a weekly occurrence of boxes coming in with cleaning supplies, kids snacks, vitamins, etc. You know you can get pretty much anything you could possibly ever want or need or not need off or Amazon?! And delivered in a couple of days to your doorstep?! This is staple to Mom’s with newborns or just any kids at all! I’m not going to lie I have used and abused the ease of a world-wide web with things I think I need, my Visa statement will attest!

Mason came up to me with a list of items he wanted for his birthday. A Super Mario stuffy and (another) fidget spinner. Ya bud, no problem, click, click, click Four hours later…Your items have shipped! And I did it all in the warmth of my house, in my pajamas while I made homemade applesauce and breakfast for my kids.

I’m addicted to Amazon…. But I’d be interested to know if there are any other sites that are great for delivery times and amazing products! Anything to make life easier!

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