Missing the bullseye

It is a well-known fact that boys miss. The size of a toilet bowl seems quit large to us ladies but then again we sit down leaving no room for error. Let me just tell you there is always pee in my bathroom. Always. If you come to my house, always check the seat…and maybe the floor around it. Seriously.

I have watched my four-year old stand in front of the toilet with both hands on his hips peeing into the bowl…I have also seen him eat a sandwich while peeing as well. (The conversation about hygiene and germs happens often in this house)

Quite often #1 & #2 are too lazy to even lift the seat so there is pee all over it…where I sit. Now obviously I check the seat every time I sit down, it’s a given with so many boys in one house…however, as mom’s know, we tend to hold our bladder until we can’t hold it anymore because we are so busy tending to everyone else’s life and I have been known to say screw it and sit in the pee…Ya i get it, I’m gross, I apologize to anyone who thought otherwise, but there is literally pee everywhere all. the. time.

I clean the toilet pretty much every day…they are the worst marksmen of all time. I have found urine on the obvious places like the toilet seat and down the side BUT I’ve also found it on the wall, the cabinet, the trash can and even the scale! Seriously!? I have been told to put Cheerios in for them to aim at…trust me when I say it is not the lack of aiming in this house but more so the lack of caring.

Therefore I will forever look before I sit, and as I said before, If you ever come over to our male dominated household…you should too!

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