Thirty three years ago my parents brought me home a puppy. Little did i know it was just was just a ploy to distract me from the other thing they brought home… a baby sister.

We fought like cats and dogs. I was great at at hurting her or pissing her off then tickling her or smooth talking her so she didn’t tell on me. Mom made me take her to the parties, classic movie plot line for little sisters. We lived together again as adults and she was now part of our group. We went to the bars and hung out on a regular basis but, for me, it wasn’t until I had my twins that I really realized that she was actually my friend and not just my sister. Maybe I went soft, maybe she did, who knows but something about her taking care of me and my babies that made me realize she was there for us. I remember she used to sneak in my house at 7am, shut off the monitor, feed both babies, change them and sneak out before I woke up. She was my saviour. She brought me lilacs one morning… since then they have always reminded me of that crazy and happy time in my life.

It may have taken us awhile to get here but she is one of my best friends now. Like when people say my sister is my best friend and you want to gag, ya thats us! We aren’t huggers though, minor details.

Happy birthday seestor! Xo

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