My pupils

I want my children to always learn. I’m always buying educational things for them in hopes that they will be geniuses and make millions and support me when I’m old.

Here are some things I have (accidentally) taught my minions:

Sarcasm. Like a family heirloom this trait has been passed down generations

The perfect eye roll. I didn’t even know they could do… Until they did it… And my mom came to mind when she was infuriated by my own eye roll and I suddenly understood why.

Kicking the sock bin. Don’t bend over and put it back in the cupboard… Just use your foot and kick it back in!

Snapchat. When they ask to send a Snapchat to someone I feel bad… Like they shouldn’t know what that is… But they love the funny faces so…

OMG! Something I must say alot. They go to church so I have to make sure they don’t say the actual words

F@&#. I have a bad mouth. I don’t deny it. They’ve all used a swear word or two. Usually perfectly placed and always halarious. I know, I know still bad… I’m working on it.

Baby talk. When I talk to number 4 I sometimes use a distinct high pitched voice that is utterly annoying to most but makes him smile! So they do it now… And it’s annoying.

Fridge drawers. Much like the sock bin, why actually bend over when you can use your foot or better yet, just close the door and the door closes it for you! My husband really hates this one.

Brown sugar toast. In an effort to be a cool mom I once showed them a favourite of mine as a kid. Brown sugar and butter in toast. They loved it. Of course. Of course they like sugar on toast. Damn.

There may be alot of quarks and maybe even some bad habits that I’ve passed on to my boys but… To see me, in them… Nothing beats that!

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