I ran into a friend at the post office the other day. A super awesome girl, she was at my wedding, I was at hers. Our husband’s have been friends their whole lives. We had a great catch up and hug and promised to get together soon… For real! Then we both laughed. We had been saying it for years, literally every time we saw each other! Don’t get me wrong this girl is fantastic! Her husband is great and kids are sweethearts… But getting together isn’t in the cards.

The best part about it was, she agreed! I said, I love you and I want to hang out with you, I would loooove to have a drink with you but…. Life is just too damn crazy right now! Give me a couple years to try and get a grasp on life, keep being my friend and give me an update and a hug when you see me… Then… When my kids are older, and able to wipe their own ass and feed themselves… You and I are going to hang out! Big time!

We all need more friends life that. No stress. I know we’re friends, I don’t need confirmation all the time. Just people that get life is busy… And hard and exhausting lol

Be a good friend.

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