You know you have kids when…

  • You make up songs…and they stick in your head…all day
  • Your living room was renamed ‘the game room’
  • Your tub has non slip stickers on the bottom of it and Spiderman bubble bath on the shelf
  • You clean up blue toothpaste from your sink daily
  • You find cheese string wrappers everywhere
  • You have boxes of ‘artwork’ you can’t throw out
  • You have stickers on your wallet for safe keeping
  • You have snacks in your glove box
  • You have a garbage can in your van
  • You have a van
  • You like your van
  • You buy Kraft dinner and fruit snacks in Costco size
  • You know what a fidget spinner is, and find them laying all around your house
  • You’ve given up on the Playdoh mixing
  • You bought a light for your toilet…and you were excited about the toilet light!
  • You bought a superhero shirt so your kids would think you were cool
  • You have stools at the bathroom sink and little chairs in the living room…oh sorry, game room

But ultimately you have a glorious anxious burny feeling in your chest when you think about those little kiddos and even though they fight, make messes and rarely listen…when they are in their bed fast asleep…you miss them like crazy!

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