Number 3

This kid. Best little surprise I could ask for! Came into this world 21 months after his twin brothers. A crazy head of hair and a whopping 9.2lbs scale tipper. I am not lying when I saw this kid has stolen the hearts of many from day one.

It all started with a routine check-up to my OB two weeks before his due date. She want to check me and then she looked at me and said oops… She had accidentally broken my water LOL she had completely taken the guessing game out of his due date and sent me into full panic mode. Thankfully my mom was with me already so I made a phone call to hubby to bring my hospital bag to the hospital which for some reason confused him and I needed to spell it out for him… Baby was coming today… so I got sent up to a room where we waited. And then I got an epidural which went amazingly (unlike the epidural(s) of the twins) I was laughing and talking and eating jello and drinking ginger ale they even brought me the good popsicles! It was great until it was time to push and the little chunky monkey did not move an inch. The doctor explained to me that we would need to do a C-section because he wasn’t moving where he was supposed to. I was upset but when they explained his size I thought Dr knew best! 3am baby was born!

This curly haired smarty pants is a huge sweetheart with the stubbornness of a mule. I can’t get over this kid, he potty trained himself, he knows math better than his brothers and talks like he’s 10 years old. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth amazes me. They say it takes a village…. Well he has a village of people that have looked after him over the years that have grown to love him so much and for that we are thankful.

Happy 5th birthday buddy! You are a perfect little being and we are so proud of the boy you are and continue to be!

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