Number 4 finally popped a tooth! Just over six months old and he’s just got the beginnings popping through his gums on the bottom. My husband and I have this ongoing joke that everytime one of the kids was cranky as a baby we’d blame it on no nap, teething or growth spurt. The same list of things it could be but really we had literally no clue what was wrong with the kid lol

So number 4 went from 7 to 9 hours of straight sleep a night in his bed to only 2 hours straight, in our bed and sleep nursing all night. And now a tooth! So all that must have been teething! Right?! Soon as that thing is all the way through this kid better high tail it back to his room!

We’ve been very lucky with teething. No real issues with any of the boys so far. I’m not bragging, we’ve gotten the crap end of the stick in other things, I think part of it is I’m a firm believer in the Hazelwood and amber necklaces. Call it coincidence but like I said the first three were awesome teethers…. Fast forward 4 years when their $3000 dentist bill comes in… That must be our pay back…

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