Big day!

I have to say; today was one of those days. The kind of day that you want to end with a giant glass of wine or a stiff drink. The actual day was good. Productive actually! I did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, organized Christmas presents and filled out my Christmas cards! Then the little hand goes to the three and the big hand to the six and all hell broke loose!

Let me start by saying I had a huge Momma bear moment today. Number 2 was upset when I picked him up. I asked him what was wrong and he told be that he really wanted to show his principal the colouring he had done but he was too busy. (Also his brother got to earlier that day) Not liking to see my kids upset I took him back into the school so see if the principal was still busy.

Check out this masterpiece!

As soon as we walked in the secretary (in a tone I did not appreciate) said ‘he’s been in here 5 times since the bell went to see Mr. principal and he’s still busy, he’s going to have to come back tomorrow’ I gave her a look that might set her on fire and said, ‘oh I’m sorry, he’s just excited!’ Now I get that he’s busy but it only takes 5 seconds to come out of your office praise said child and go back in. Number two was so proud of his page and now his little heart is broken. Guess which primary school secretary gained a spot on Momma’s shit list!


Anyway… back to all hell braking lose… The kids were crazy. Like full moon no sleep crazy. They were whiny and fighting each other and arguing with me. It was bath night too of course. I just had enough. The name Mommy had lost all meaning. My head was pounding, my tongue hurt from biting it so as not to say anything bad. I was 100% mean mommy, and they told me so! I made them cool pasta for dinner in the shape of bugs; slightly cooked hot dogs (just how they like them) and I let them watch some Netflix while they had a bath! (the tablet doesn’t go near the actual tub if that’s anyone’s concern lol) Hubby was working late so I was trying to help the night along smoothly. Somehow I was mean mommy, hurt someone’s feelings, wasn’t fair, I never give them anything and of course the bug pasta was ‘gross’. FAIL. All I could do was take the baby in to my room to feed him and leave them to fend for themselves. I tried to avoid interaction so I didn’t get angry(er) and just pray my darling husband arrived home soon! Of course this all backfired and number one fed a bowl of pasta to my diabetic dog, and number three dumped and entire bowl of pasta into a full sink of dish water…to say the least, the children went to bed early tonight and we all pray for a better day tomorrow. It’s really all we can do. Right?

Deep breaths Momma, deep breaths

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2 thoughts on “Big day!

  1. Taking 5 seconds to say “great picture buddy!” Would have been way easier than sending him away broken hearted 5 times! Sheesh……


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