Carsick Kids!

There was a time not too many years ago that my sister, my mom and myself decided to take the three boys on a mini getaway to a Niagara Falls water park. To put it into perspective that’s almost three hours of driving with two 3 year olds and an almost 2-year-old. At about hour 1.75 number one threw up, and then number two, then, little number three! As my sister is cutting off cars to try to get off the QEW I’m trying to hold bags up to my kids faces, rub backs and also not puke myself.

This was the day we found out our kids suffered from motion sickness.

From that point on trips 30 minutes and longer could spell disaster for us, long trips were out of the question and we generally arrived most places with bags of pukey clothes, a bunch of used baby wipes and grumpy, smelly children. Good times.

Throughout the years they have gotten better but we have a list of must haves with us at all times now.

  1. Grocery bags. Must have a place for the puke rags and dirty clothes
  2. Sea Bands. They are for motion sickness, typically used on boats. All the kids have them and where them every time we go somewhere further than 30 minutes.
  3. DoTerra Zengest rollerball: the first time anyone mentions a sore tummy they get this rollerball on their tummy. A smiley face under the belly button with two eyes above!
  4. Peppermint essential oil: They say peppermint helps with motion sickness so I put a drop on their sea bands before we go.
  5. A sturdy garbage pail: (Dollar store) Yes this is the collector of cheese string and fruit snack wrappers but if someone isn’t feeling well it has been known to be dumped quickly and passed back. It has saved our interior multiple times!
  6. Gravol: (Pharmacy) We don’t like to drug the kids if we are just going on a trip to the city so we don’t generally use this unless it’s a big trip, like Niagara Falls or Toronto…which isn’t often anyway.
  7. Food/No food: We haven’t quite figured this one out yet. They have definitely eaten too much before. A ton of grapes coming back up is not fun. But then too little to eat before we go doesn’t help either. So we usually aim for small…a piece of toast, an apple sauce, nothing to heavy.

So I hope that helps, anyone… it is hard to be confined to your house for fear of multiple pukey kids. We must carry on and hope they grow out of it eventually. It does seem that they are getting better as they are older, so that’s promising!

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