Prove me wrong!

I don’t often agree with people when they tell me my boys are great kids. I mean I know they are, usually, but I don’t want to seem arrogant about it. I am always terrified how they behave when I am not there. They go to church every Sunday with my 83 year old grandmother and I hear nothing but praises!

So one day I let my guard down, I boast about my babies on the most public forum, Facebook. They are being so good, I’m so proud, blah blah blah…what is to come can only be described as karma. Literally ever since that day I feel like they stopped listening, and started whining and fought harder than ever before. The tides changed, the fog rolled in, my kids proved me wrong! Damn! The one thing you aren’t supposed to do, I did! Don’t talk about it, you’ll jinx yourself.

So now I live with my choice to be ‘that parent’ on social media and I’ll have to wait until the curse is lifted…

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