You know the moms that make Halloween costumes, send the cool crafty birthday gifts and buy you fun little things like wiggle writers for passing a grade? That’s my mom. She is so talented. She can sew, crochet or scrapbook anything!… And I inherited none of it… I did however inherit her sarcasm and slight irrational temper. Nonetheless still great qualities depending on how you look at it.

She is always taking pictures, a trait I’m happy to inherit, she buys the best most thoughtful gifts, is obsessed with Scotland and can fly through an old English romance novel or TV show in no time!

I call, text and Snapchat my mom probably a million times a day…for usually no real reason.

She makes me crazy somedays… Truth be told, I know it’s because we are alot alike. Those signs hanging in stores that say ‘sometimes when I open my mouth my Mother comes out’… Thats a real thing! I used to laugh at that… Now I just give it a knowing nod and keep walking.

I’d be lost without her. Plain and simple. She has too many opinions, emotions and sometimes attitude but I don’t know what I’d do without her. I am truly grateful for her and everything she does for me and my boys!

Happy birthday Momma! Hope you enjoy your birthday gifts! Alllll four of them! (your grandchildren haha)

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