Having boys

Having boys is amazing! Although I have nothing to compare it to, its like one of those rides at the fair where you are scared but you are laughing hysterically the whole time!

I could give you a million examples of boy life but I have a story for you, one that sticks out most in my head and one that I feel is something that would never happen if I had three girls instead of three boys…

One night Daddy was putting the boys to bed and after a long days work, Daddy fell asleep in their room before they did. So the little darlings grabbed Daddy’s phone and were taking pictures. The three of them decided to ‘prank’ daddy… they wanted to pour water on his head while he slept but they didn’t have any… so….Number three peed on his head! Right in his ear! The best part is, can you believe those brilliant and mischievous children took a picture as it was happening?! Hubby woke up in a fit and I ran up to see what happened. I died. I could not control my laughter and may have even cried while I laughed. (I definitely did)

They still talk about that day. We all do. Except Daddy


#parentfail #toofunny #lifewithboys

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