New years resolutions (Ish)

I have made many of New Year’s resolutions in the past. Many of which I never carried out past having the thought. I’m so bad at New Year’s resolutions that I don’t even think about them anymore, I laugh at the thought of them.

Well… This year… I am striving for a better me. Probably because I’m sitting here with an extra 40 lbs of baby weight on and also because I’m home so I have, dare I say, more time LOL

So here’s what I’m doing… My goal is to do month by month “new habits” the habit I’m doing for January will be a fitness challenge for myself for 31 days of January. Everyday I will do 25 Jumping Jacks and 10 push-ups. That may not seem like a lot but when you don’t want to work out or do anything some days it will seem like a lot but at least I’ll try everyday to do a little something and then I get to mark off my days on my sheet with a big ole X and I’ll be one step closer to a new habit… For the greater good, not evil.

I’ve also to add two more things to the list… I know it’s only supposed to be 2 max but I’m kicking off the new year on the right foot. So along with the mini workout hubby and I are going to stop eating at 7pm. We are big snackers, especially after the kids go to bed so this one will be tough AND we are going to each have a shit of apple cider vinegar every night. We already did our shot tonight and let me tell ya… Its disgusting! Buuut it’s super good for you if taken regularly so we’ll muscle through!

This form and the idea behind it I got from @keto.connect on instagram. The idea behind it is to change one or two things in your life one day at a time for 30 days to create a habit and therefore introducing something new and positive into your life.

Here is their link if you’d like to get a printable copy of your own! Also they are amazing to follow if you are in or getting in to the Keto lifestyle

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