All hail the mom bun and the Snapchat filter!

My Snapchat picture folder has more pictures in it than my camera folder. I paid money to buy a filter that made me look flawless…and I do not regret it lol What an invention that is! I can look like hell warmed over…throw on a Snapchat filter and I have perfect lashes, flawless skin and fire engine red lips! No one would know that you haven’t showered in days….in less of course you had to leave the house…or if that friggen filter comes off because you moved wrong! Ughhh the worst!

My mom bun…or top knot as the cool kids call it, is so bad its good! Isn’t there a saying about that…the higher the hair, the closer to God? I feel like I heard that on a reality show once…

I get out of bed in the morning and throw on my uniform. Top knot, thick framed glasses, tights, scarf, sweater and boots! Nailed it! I have one thousand scarves, 10 pairs of boots, 100 baggy sweaters and 7 pairs of sunglasses to hide my ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look for my two-minute drive to drop my kids off at school in the morning.

I have a makeup routine down pat. I have the ability to be ready in 10 minutes if I have to. Whoever made dry shampoo, full coverage foundation and eyelash extensions was a mom, and my hero!

All women should be confident in their own skin, just because I throw on a Snapchat filter or do my eyebrows before I go out doesn’t mean otherwise. I’m just sayin, who doesn’t love a little sparkle on an already gorgeous day 😉


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