I can remember when I was younger doing all my shopping in one day, usually around December 23rd. Christmas didn’t excite me much. Mostly it meant the bars were closed and like myself my drinking buddies were home with their families.

The year my twins were born, 2011, I was excited for Christmas. Every year after that I am more excited. My heart bursts with anticipation of that first look of the tree after Santa comes! I cannot wait to see if they like the gifts we have so carefully picked out for them…

I love my kids, and for the most part they are pretty good little creatures but… their reaction never lives up to my after school special idea of the most magical Christmas morning. They have so many presents that my cool well thought out gift is tossed aside and they grab the next one to be opened.

So even though I am still excited for them every Christmas morning I also know it is a big day for them so I need to sit back, relax and watch their faces when they open every single present and as long as those faces are happy and healthy who cares if the present you spent tons of money on got thrown to the side, probably broken, for the $5 fidget spinner bath bomb…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope Santa is good to you!


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