Let’s drive Momma mad

I feel like I’m going crazy. I repeat myself so often I wonder if I’m actually speaking out loud. It seems no one even hears me anymore unless I’m yelling, and even then… I used to feel guilty for all the screaming, like I was going to scar them for life with my crazy outbreaks. But I have come to realize that it doesn’t even phase them…like at all. Sometimes they even laugh at me! My once terrifying glare has turned into a laughable spectacle at a fun house. “Hey guys come look! Mommy is losing it again!” I’ve tried the calm cool mom but it doesn’t suit me…or work. So here I am killin it as the crazy mom!

So there are a few things that make me lose my mind, well there is many, but a few big ones.

  1. Fighting. Those boys got mommas temper and inability to talk it out. 0 to 60 as they say.
  2. Whining. Good lord! As soon as their little voice registers in that high pitch whine I am through the roof! Nope! Stop! Talk to me like a normal human being!
  3. Not listening. I get kids get preoccupied, I get that mom or dad are not important when they are staring at the TV (zombies) or building a fort or doing anything in life really. But when I stand in front of you and say something and you don’t even blink! You best believe the steam from my ears is soon to follow! This is yet another reason why electronics are on hiatus at our house. They need to prove themselves as good listeners…or even just listeners lol
  4. Tantrums/Meltdowns. These are good times, someone should really warn you about this before you reproduce. The level of crazy that my kids can exude over something as ridiculous as “you have to eat your dinner before you have your Kinder egg” or “can you go pee before bed?” This one used to make me clinically insane because you can’t yell at them or ground them or anything. They aren’t listening. They are all caught up in their crazy tantrum and you just have to wait until they’re done or else you are wasting your breath. So now we just sit back and wait. Stick to our guns on the reason they are throwing the tantrum and try not to let them break us lol Not going to lie…sometimes we laugh, its just too funny not to! That never goes over well though.

Maybe there is no cure for this, maybe its something that gets better with age? Something you have to ride out. Like turbulence. We just have to keep telling ourselves “we do not negotiate with terrorists, we do not negotiate with terrorists!”

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