Wipe your ass!

I must rant. This comes on the heels of a major major meltdown by number one. All is quiet in the world. Number four is napping. Number two and three are upstairs ready for bed when number one races into the bathroom like a bat out of hell (Meatloaf reference…if you don’t get it, I am old) I hear whining and crying and just general panic going on in the bathroom. I peek my head around the corner because daddy is dealing with it and frankly I cant deal with anymore whining today. Number one is losing his goddamn mind. I give hubs the ol’ ‘what’s his problem?’ face and he says … “his bum hurts” *Eye roll! Now let me frank, these kids are too busy with FOMO (fear of missing out) to wipe their own ass! (Another reason electronics were taken away; too busy being a zombie to pay attention to the task at hand) I honestly don’t know if they even try! I have cushiony soft toilet paper and even bought nicePhotoGrid_1512827158051 Charmin wipes for their wiping pleasure. Do you think they bother to use any of it to its potential? Heck no! Lets just deal with a bum rash on a 6-year-old 30 minutes after bedtime when he already tired and cranky and now we have to put Penatin on his ass! Ya…my idea of fun is not to put diaper cream on my fully capable child…and yet here I am doin it! Tell me I’m not the only one!


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