For the birds…and boys who eat like them

When my twins started eating real food it was organic, handmade, fresh food. I was #supermom and only the best for my little babies! No cheese whiz or hot dogs, don’t you dare give them juice or sugar period! (Laughing to myself) That didn’t last too long. Firstly we had twins so buying organic food that was being thrown on the floor or in the garbage was a waste! I still made everything but they had their fair share of processed food at a young age and it became an acquired taste for the young men. Now our constant rotation of dinners is pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni, Alpha-getti, pogos and French fries…lunch are cheese whiz or jam wraps and a plethora of prepackaged snacks. I’m not a complete monster, they eat yogurt and cheese faster than I can buy it and I buy applesauce buy the Costco size case. Fruit, though expensive, never lasts long in this house. They have no desire to eat cookies or cakes. They still don’t drink juice often, either water or milk.  But they have a wicked addiction to ‘blue snacks’ (Welches fruit snacks)

I’m not sure where I went wrong. I tried to expand their pallet as children but now their likes mirror a first year collage student. My doctor and friends insist that we should be happy they are eating and as they get older they will acquire better taste buds. I try not to worry but their reaction to vegetables and meats (other than hotdogs and bologna…which aren’t even real meat) is almost embarrassing! So I do what any sane mother would do with a child on a horrible diet…vitamins!


Every night my kids get vitamin c, a multi vitamin and an omega 3. It helps me sleep at night knowing they got some vitamins along with their processed goodies!

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