Attack of the child zombies!

I want to tell you about a recent discovery of mine and my husbands. Our kids were self-entitled brats. I kind of knew they were always spoiled. Spoiled by grandparents and my sister and me, always wanting them to have whatever they wanted and always rewarding the small things. Or bribing. Bribing is a big thing when you have kids. “ooohhhh you don’t want to go to the dentist? Well if you do you’ll get a toy!” “If you behave while we are at the grocery store ill let you pick out the cereal annnnd a treat” Lets face it I bribe my kids a lot. I’m in a constant panic when we go out in public that they will make me look bad so I bribe them. I’m not ashamed of it I’m just telling you lol

So I realized it had gotten out of hand and my hubby and I decided all electronics needed to disappear for at least a week. A detox if you will. This on the heels of meltdown after meltdown over having a bath or feeding the dogs or any simple chore they were asked to do. So bye bye electronics! This includes PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS, ipads and YouTube. They were allowed to watch Netflix and that was it. And do you know what happened? Well after the anger and shaking and screaming that comes with a detox… nothing… nothing happened. They played with their toys! The built the coolest Lego world and had nerf gunfights upstairs and played dress up! They were children and not zombies! Success! We have now decided to keep up the detox until Christmas….will update.



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